Currently our online services include viewing property tax details, utility billing details and signing up your utility account for eBilling.

The Internet Browser you use will affect your experience using this online service.  It is recommended that you use Google Chrome, Firefox or IE V.10 or higher.

Place your cursor over the online services tab above the Town logo and click on Property Taxes

 To Register and View Your Tax Account:

  • You may view details of your tax account including assessments and bill summaries.  If you are already registered and have linked your account (s) please click on the Login button at the top right hand side of the screen.

  • If you are not registered click on the Link & Register link found under Quick Links on the upper right of the screen & follow the registration instruction message.  The jurisdiction number will default to 000- Town of Bonnyville and you will need your 8 digits after the 000 of your roll number and access code from your property tax notice for the roll and access code fields. If you do not have your access code, please contact the Town Office at 780.826.3496 to obtain your access code.

  • You will need to complete your user name and create a password (requires 8 characters including one special character). You will also need to add a name that you would like displayed on your virtual account and an email address. 

  • Once registration is complete a new screen will appear. Click on your name in the upper right hand corner and choose to add another account.

  • Select account type PT-Property taxes for the account group choose 000-Town of Bonnyville.
  • Use the  Click save account. (You may add more than one property tax account by choosing save and add another account).

  • To view your property tax account place your cursor over the online services tab above the Townlogo and click on property taxes or click on the Property Tax Link under Quick Links.

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